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Finding the Right Fit

Simplifying Your Stone Choices

The wide array of natural stone options can make it challenging to determine the best fit for your surfaces. If you find it difficult to distinguish between different types of stone, we’re here to provide clarity.

A popular choice for kitchens and bathrooms, granite is a naturally occurring stone known for its durability and unique patterns. With its granular texture and wide range of colors, it offers both beauty and strength. Our skilled stonemasons utilize diamond-coated blades to cut the slabs due to its exceptional hardness.

To enhance its practicality, our granite products are treated with a silicone-based sealer, creating an antibacterial and stain-resistant surface. Not only does granite remain cool to the touch, but it also withstands heat without damage—ideal qualities for kitchen worktops.

Despite its luxurious properties, granite is surprisingly affordable. With its worldwide availability, you can personalize your interior design without breaking the bank. Choose a truly bespoke and reasonably priced granite piece to elevate your home’s aesthetic appeal.

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Marble is a true favourite among sculptors and architects thanks to its high level of resistance and beautiful varieties of decorative, natural veining. It’s an ideal material for bathrooms and saunas due to its breathing abilities, while it’s relatively easy to sculpt for fireplaces.

When polished to achieve a characteristic glossy finish, marble looks truly stunning. You can even add another dimension to the design by combining a shiny and matt effect.

Marble is not recommended for kitchen worktops, as it’s prone to staining, scratching and chipping. However, there are ways to achieve the sought-after marble look with granite or quartz should you wish. rewrite so its different not same words

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Much like granite and marble, quartzite is formed in the earth when extreme heat and pressure is placed on sandstone. Comprising of almost pure quartz, these forces recrystallize the sand and silica, merging them together.

Known for its exceptional hardness, its natural composition grants it excellent heat resistance, making it a reliable choice for various applications in the home.

To maintain the beauty of quartzite, regular sealing with a high-quality stone sealer is essential. This protects the surface from stains and enhances its color, while also safeguarding it against everyday wear and tear. Properly sealed quartzite is relatively easy to maintain, requiring prompt cleanup of spills using stone-safe cleaning solutions.

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Quartz, a treasured gem of the earth, has been revered throughout history for its diverse applications in science, manufacturing, and jewelry craftsmanship. Today, this remarkable material takes center stage in the creation of stunning man-made surfaces that have gained immense popularity in kitchens and bathrooms.

Renowned for its exceptional strength, quartz excels in creating worktops that flawlessly complement even the most unique designs. While it may have limitations when exposed to high heat and can be susceptible to fading over time, its enduring qualities make it a preferred choice for key rooms in any home.

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Porcelain stands as an excellent choice for creating stylish and long-lasting tiles and worktops. However, its cutting process requires expertise to achieve precise results, making it essential to hire a professional for the job.

The exquisite outcome of well-crafted porcelain is well worth the effort. As a high-performance stone, it boasts exceptional durability, ensuring it can withstand the rigors of daily wear and tear. To ensure the highest quality, we recommend selecting reputable sources such as Dekton or Lapitec.

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